Perspective, perspective, perspective

In the senior unit, we have been having some amazing discussions on the importance of putting events into perspective. We all find that when something happens, we think it is the end of the world. However, it is important to gauge the severity of the event by comparing your event to other possible events. For example, is not sitting next to your friend as bad as being diagnosed with a major illness such as cancer. We have been exploring how our thinking can led to a feeling. That feeling leads to an action. People can change how we think. This will change how we feel and act. Here is a reminder of our discussion.


Diary expectations

We have been learning how to use of our diary to organise our time. Over the last month we have been using keywords and pictures to plan our home learning. In our workshops, we have tried to record important weekly events as well as personal out of school events. The better that we plan our time, the more organised we will be. Here is an anchor chart to remind you of our focus.