Bossy e spelling focus

This week we are learning about the bosy “e”. Here are two great videos to help us learn.

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Capital letter reminder

Today we reminded ourselves that we can use capital letters for M.I.N.T.S.

M- Months

I- the word I such as “I went to the supermarket”

N- Names of people, places and things

T- Titles

S- Start of a sentence.

MINTSThis is a great poster that someone found on Pinterest. Remember to use capitals.

Mrs. Dawson

Writing a recount

We have been reading and writing recounts. We have an experience and then we learn how to write a recount about it. Firstly we read a recount and find out how it is structured.


We use little cards to help us find the features.




Then we try and use the information we have learnt to write a good recount. We are having a great time learning.


We have been writing recounts. We have made play dough, pancakes, play dough characters as well as jellyfish in a bottle. Once we have experienced making an object we write about it. We record who, what, when, where, why and how before writing. We also draw pictures about our experiences. Then we write a recount text. Here is the chart that we use in the classroom to help us write.