Just a reminder that you need to return your raffle tickets for the St. Andrews raffle tickets. Friday is gold coin donation so please remember to bring your coins. Please also be prompt returning all Camp and Camp on Campus notes. A huge thanks to those who have already returned their notes. Here are the youth centre excursion notes for Grade 6’s.

Excursion_Student_Permission_Form for Youth Centre

Youth Centre Letter

Religion Assignment

As requested, and once again thanks, here is our assignment from this week in Religion. The PowerPoints about the Israelites and Moses can be used as a support. The criteria and examples are attached. I also created posters to remind you of the focus.

These are the mindmap examples that we explored. We discussed how they all had colour, visuals and used keywords.

Mind maps

Mind maps

sacred: Here is the expectations and criteria. Happy learning!

Mrs. D


Puberty Survival Kit

Here is the criteria for the assignment. You need to manage your time effectively.
Your Puberty Survival Kit must include:

Physiological changes that happen to the body (Chemical and physical changes to the body)
Emotional changes (moods)

Social changes (friendships, peer group pressure)
Ways to promote healthy living

Choices that help us led a healthy and positive lifestyle
Male and Female reproductive Systems

Survival kit criertia and assessment

Guided Questions to help you prepare:
 How do our bodies grow, change and work?
 What’s happening to my body during puberty?
 What changes do I go through during puberty?
 Why are my emotions involved?
 Does everyone go through puberty and how long does it last?
 What are the functions of my body?

Star Student

Montana and I had an excellent one to one workshop today. She did a great job identifying what she would like to revise and we come up with the idea of creating a student cheat sheet. The sheet would be used to refer to when she needed further revision. We used the Jenny Eather dictionary online as well as our own words to record the information. I am very, very proud of Montana’s work and she was happy to share this with the year level! Enjoy!

Mrs. Dawson

decimal cheat