Happy Easter

Welcome back to our families. Many children have been sick or are on holidays so we wish you all the best. Term Two is an exciting term as we learn:
– how plants grow
– how we can be sustainable and protect our planet
– how to use keywords
– finding the difference between fact and opinion
– subtracting numbers, multiplication and shape
– Easter story and many more exciting things.
I look forward to some great learning.
Mrs. Dawson

Email Challenge

email-logoHi kids,

Thanks to Ashton for teaching us how to email. Your challenge is to email me two things that you have discovered about being healthy. We have learnt how to kill germs and be hygenic. I wonder how….My email address is:


Remember to find the Corpus Christi webpage:


Enter your school username and password. Then click “My Mail”.

Have fun!

Subtraction Assignment

Our maths workshops over the next two weeks will focus on showing how to solve a variety of subtraction problems using different strategies. Our key focus for  each session will include:

1. Subtracting numbers using a mental strategy of taking the highest value first

2. Using a written method to solve a subtraction problem

3. Subtract fractions that have different denominators

4. Subtracting decimal numbers

You will need to present your learning in a four row flip book. Happy learning!