Telling the time

In Maths, we learnt about the hour and minute hand and their jobs. We also explored why people need time and where we use a clock. Here is a song that we used to remind us of how to read the time.

Resource: Pinterest

The students did a great job performing their songs in front of the class!

Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators guide

Students today are on fire. I am enjoying the high quality work that is being prdocued today. Thomas C has done an AMAZING job creating a maths guide for our subtraction workshop. He explored the steps that you needed to subtract fractions with unlike denominators. I highly recommend that you print and read the two guides today. Here is the guide.

Subtracting fractions cheat sheet

Percentage cheat sheet

Here is the latest cheat sheet offering from Montana. Thank you to those students who print and use these sheets. Montana will explain how to create them:

“First I pick the important words and define them on the Jenny Eather website. Then I choose visuals that will help me remember. Next I try to explain the maths in my own words. Finally I add the heading and change fonts.”

Thanks Montana for such excellent work!