A few reminders


Hi everyone,

Just a few important reminders:
1. Our news groups start on Friday. Your topic was “My Holidays”. Remember that you need to bring in an item that reminds you of the holidays. It could be a shell, a photo, a game etc.
2. Our library, sport, art and ICT days are on Tuesdays
3. If you need to change your reader, remember to place your folder in the blue tray next to the communication bags.

Thank you to all parents who donated plastic bottles. We had an excellent time creating our Dancing Jellyfish!

Happy learning


It is official and exciting. Next year I will be a junior teacher. I have loved every second in the Seniors and am looking forward to a new and exciting chapter with the juniors. Welcome to all junior parents. Feel free to check out the about page to see my credentials and areas of expertise. Most importantly to the junior kiddies get excited because we are in for a great year!

Important dates this term


Here are the important dates so far for Term 4:
15.10- Literacy and Numeracy parent night
17.10- Senior Unit mass
18.10- Green and gold coin day
22.10 & 23.20- School closure day
1.11- All Saints day reflection, Grade 5 leadership day
4.11 & 5.11- School Closure day
13.11- Wyndham Youth Centre Grade 6 excursion at 1:15
15.11- Senior Dawson assembly and Junior Athletics Day
16.11- St. Andrews Parish Fair
27.11 & 28.11 & 29.11- Camp and Camp on Campus
2.12- MacKillop orientation day
9.12- Carols Evening
11.12- Graduation Mass