Our Literacy grids

Today we learnt about managing our time. Each team received their weekly tasks in a folder. They needed to:
1. Plan what tasks they would do for each day of the week
2. Check that they had their resources and sheets ready
3. Stick their task card on to remind them

This was a great way to build independence and there was some excellent discussion about choices that could be made. Each team then got a magazine container that would be used to keep their books, grids, instructions and sheets.




I was very impressed with how the children embraced the time management and organisation aspects of learning!


We have been writing recounts. We have made play dough, pancakes, play dough characters as well as jellyfish in a bottle. Once we have experienced making an object we write about it. We record who, what, when, where, why and how before writing. We also draw pictures about our experiences. Then we write a recount text. Here is the chart that we use in the classroom to help us write.


Telling the time

In Maths, we learnt about the hour and minute hand and their jobs. We also explored why people need time and where we use a clock. Here is a song that we used to remind us of how to read the time.

Resource: Pinterest

The students did a great job performing their songs in front of the class!