Our first term Inquiry

We are starting our first term inquiry. We will be learning how the choices that we make affect others. In class, we recorded choices that we could make in class. Here are some examples:
1. To help or sit back
2. To listen or ignore people
3. To learn or not to learn
4. To be kind or be mean
5. To say nice words or mean words.

Our important big question this term is:


I wonder what you think?

Mrs. Dawson signing off.

A few reminders


Hi everyone,

Just a few important reminders:
1. Our news groups start on Friday. Your topic was “My Holidays”. Remember that you need to bring in an item that reminds you of the holidays. It could be a shell, a photo, a game etc.
2. Our library, sport, art and ICT days are on Tuesdays
3. If you need to change your reader, remember to place your folder in the blue tray next to the communication bags.

Thank you to all parents who donated plastic bottles. We had an excellent time creating our Dancing Jellyfish!

Happy learning