Study Tip: Use to do lists and prioritise work

The first thing to remind you is that we finish work in order to be more effective and efficient.


This means that we work the best that we can and do as much as we can with our time. The first thing that I recommend is to get a “To do list”. There are many examples on the Internet that you can download and print, or you can simply use your diary.



Once you have our list, record the due dates next to the work. Tick it off when you have finished. This will help you focus on what you need to do. Once you have a list of the work that you need to do, use a system to prioritise tasks. Giving a task priority means that you record what task to complete first, second, third and so on. Some people simply give each task a number and work their way down the list.

Other people get clips or mark tasks as urgent (meaning right now or immediately), important (as soon as possible) and not urgent ( can’t wait).



Some people choose to mark each task either H- high priority, M- medium priority or L- low priority. Whatever system you choose remember to ask yourself:
1. When is the work due?
2. Which tasks will take me a long time to finish?
3. Which tasks can I break up and do over a few days?
4. What resources will I need to work?

Set aside time to finish work and use your list. Happy studying!

Mrs. C Dawson