Important information


The leadershiop announcement will be made during the morning block. Please wish our leaders as well as nominees well.  You will need to write a recount for camp and camp on campus.

Tuesday: Graduation Mass at St. Andrews Church

Afternoon: Buddy activities

Wednesday: Buddy activities afternoon

Thursday: Running prep to four workshops for Christmas Art

Friday: Final Whole school assembly, Graduation Party for grade 6’s and Sample books finalised


Important Dates

Some important Dates to keep in mind for the last few weeks are:

1. 5th, 6th and 7th of December: Camo and Camp on Campus

2. 10th of December: Leadership announcment

3. 11th of December: Graduation Mass

4. 14th of December: Final Assembly and Gradfuation Party

5. 18th of December: End of year assembly.


Mrs. D

Buddy Lunch

On Monday of the final week, we will have our surprise buddy lunch. You DON’T have to bring anything at all. If you would like to, some of the things that you can bring include:

1. Christmas Hats

2. Christmas Napkins

3. Christmas banners

4. Christmas cards

We will make a Christmas table cloth. Looking forward to our little surprise for the buddies,

Mrs. D