Hey Kids,

On the Edmodo website I have listened to your feedback and am trying to create polls. I may try and create some quizzes if I have time. Please remember that I love hearing your feedback. Thanks to those kids who visit the Blog and Edmodo and leave comments, it is greatly appreciated. Edmodo is a great way to keep up to date as well as connect with your peers. Thanks stars!

Assignment Guide

Again kids, the many questions to post information from classrooms discussions onto Blogs and Edmodo has been nothing sort of amazing! You have done a wonderful job at discussing the ways that you learn best and finding strategies that work for you. Many of you discussed of you used colour coded folders to organise your work or used codes and tags such as High, Medium or Low for the effort that is needed. Please find attached the current assignment criteria.

Assignments due 23.11.12

Up to date work list

Thank you for the many requests for “To do Lists”. Here is the most current up to date one. It is a good habit to get into recording due dates in your diary. I am proud of how most of you discussed this during learning conversations. I heard of some great techniques used to prioritise tasks and work that is due. Keep up the sensational learning.

Mrs. D

work due 15.11.12