Old Materials for request

Good morning kids, just a quick request. I am looking for art and craft materials. If you have any spare:

1. old clipboards

2. Old boxes and tissue boxes

3. Old cereal boxes

4. Old pringle boxes

5. Material scraps

6. Old crayons

7. Unused and unwanted baskets

8. Cans

Please bring them into school for us to use.

Thanks kids, Mrs. D

Time Management

As learners, it is vital that you manage your time. Getting into the habit of learning how to juggle many assignments can be tricky. Remember to use your to do lists, priortise the tasks that you need to finish and record all due dates. Your time management this week has been sensational. It is so nice to see all of those skills we learnt put to the test! I am proud of all of you,

Signing off,

Mrs. D


Good morning kids,

I am so pleased that you are all engaged in learning while the music is on. Just a couple of guidelines and expectations to clarify:

1. You can bring in headphones only but if they are misplaced, it is your responisbility to replace them so you need to discuss this with Mum or Dad first.

2. All songs, CD’s and music need to be checked by a teacher and if the answer is no, the song is not to be played.

3. There are approved songs on the network that can be played on the computers.

4. No Ipods allowed

Thanks and keep focussing,

Mrs. D