Assembly this week

This week, Senior Dawson are running assembly. Our area of focus is a literacy report. Here is a list of the jobs and who has voluntered to complete them:

Hosts: Joanne and Jordyn

Prayer: Isaac and Ashley

Computer: Brayden and Patrick

Literacy report: Nicole and Isabella

Flags: Darcy K, Daniel, Blessing and Britney

Thanks and we will work on this tomorrow.

Mrs. D

Israelites PowerPoint

Hi Kids,

The lecture was amazing and thanks for all the positive feedback. Your listening skills were so amazing. Here were some of the great learnings that I heard.

Darcy K- There was a family tree that is connected tyo Jesus.

Eden- God instructed Abraham to move and if he did he would bless him with good land, temple and a string king.

Brayden- I learnt more about Jacob’s journey.

Martha- Joseph became one of the most important people in Egypt.

Mary- Abraham was chosen by God and an a covenant is an agreement.

Ashley- Joseph still accepted his family after they threw him in the pit.

AJ- Joseph was one of twleve children.

I will post the  Israelites PowerPoint on Edmodo  for those who wish to revise.

Mrs. D


Art Show photos

Hi Kids,

Remember that you need to pick one art photograph for the art show. It needs to be saved into your folder with your name and .jpg at the end. There is a folder in the shared network called Art show photos final. Please save your photo into that folder.


To do list for the week

It is really important to keep track of all of the work that is due in class. Some people record a High, Medium or Low next to the task to say what priority it is. Some students record a number next to each task to indicate what they need to do first second and third. Attached below is the list of work that is currently due. If you wish, you can print this off at home and tick all of the work that needs to be completed.

Signing off,

Mrs. D

work due 19.10.12



Classroom discussions

This weeks discussions have been amazing! I have been so proud of how everyone has contributed to the classroom environment. It is good to hear people becoming so confident. Well done everyone and remember that you need to demonstrate strong communication skills throughout your learning journey.

Mrs. D